About Us

This website only provides help related to Reliance Smart Point Store & their latest information & news about the current and ongoing offers & promotional products.

About Us

We collect the information from the internet which is there in the public domain & show it here for your reference.

Disclaimer; We don’t claim to be Reliance Retail, Reliance Smart Point, or Reliance Smart Bazaar. Check the official website of Reliance Retail for the official information.

Purpose of our website:

The main purpose of our website is to share & provide the latest information, and store details for shopping which are available on the Internet. As Reliance doesn’t have any official website for a specific format, people find it difficult to get information in one place. Hence we have created this website to help people.

How Idea of This Website Was Generated?

A couple of years ago, when we started this website, there was no place where we could get all the information about the Grocery retail stores & grocery shopping. So we have started a dedicated blog site that follows the Reliance Grocery stores & shares the content that is available in different parts of the web.

What We Do?

We collate information, and content from the internet & present here in a structured manner adding value to the content. We present the data in a valuable e & easily readable manner along with text & media.

About Me

I am a housewife & love to do the shopping over the internet & offline stores. During my early days before this blog site came in place, I searched over various platforms but didn’t find information in a structured manner, so decided to start a blog site.

You can find more details about me as given below;

  • Name; Samita Singh
  • Age; 32
  • Area; Mumbai
  • Address; Jari-Mari Devi Mandir, Kharegaon, Kalwa, Thane, Maharashtra 400605
  • Contact Number; 98880-12345
  • Email Id; Smartpointhelpdesk{@}gmail.com
  • Interest; Blogging, Shopping
  • Facebook;
  • Telegram;

You can come back & check the latest offers of Reliance Smart Point, Reliance Smart Bazaar & other Reliance Grocery Stores’ News and updates.

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