What are the Latest Reliance Smart Offers Today July 2023

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We are again back with the Latest “Reliance Smart Offers Today July 2023“. If you are looking for the latest offers for July 2023 Month, then just scroll down to read all the offers here. These offers are valid for Reliance Smart, Reliance Smart Point, Smart Superstore & Smart Bazaar stores.

You can find a store in your city from the store locator page. There are more than 5000 Retail grocery stores operated by Reliance Retail in India. Today we share complete details about;

  • What is Reliance Smart July 2023 Offers?
  • Reliance Smart Point Offers July 2023
  • Smart Bazaar’s latest offers
  • Reliance Smart Superstore Sale Offer
  • Reliance Grocery stores offer

Reliance Smart Offers Today July 2023

July is the best month for the Monsoon season, Reliance has the best offers for this season. Be it your favorite tea, coffee, or favorite snack it has great offers running across the categories.

Reliance Smart Offers 2023

We have confirmed by visiting the store, these offers are valid in all cities like; Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad & Kolkata.

Reliance Smart OffersToday Details
Start Date1st July 2023
End Date31st July 2023
Applicable FormatReliance Grocery Store
Type of OffersGrocery Shopping
Online Shopping Yes

Reliance Smart Offer List

Whenever you visit the store, always ask the store staff about the best ongoing sale & promotion offers. Sometimes the offers are not visible in the first go & we miss them. So always ask the store staff. Similar offers are valid for online shopping as well.

Alternatively, you can download the offers list from our website & keep it for your reference as given below.

  1. Sugar Offer
  2. Har Ghar Annapurna Offer
  3. Mansoon Offer
  4. Fashion Apparel Offer
  5. Kitchen Items Offer
  6. Bank Cashback offers

Below is a newspaper advertisement, so you have a brief about the ongoing offers of Reliance Smart in a store near you.

Reliance Smart Grocery Ad

Below is the list of Smart Reliance grocery oil sections.

Product NameOffer Price
Super Sarvottam Physically Refined Rice Bran Oil 1 L104
Fortune Sunlite Refined Sunflower Oil 1 L116
Priya Fortified With Vitamin A & D Refined Sunflower Oil 1 L99
Fortune Premium Kachi Ghani Pure Mustard Oil 1 L149
Gemini Refined Sunflower Oil 1 L119
Gulab Sungold Refined Sunflower Oil 15 L (Jar)1,569.00
Gulab Sungold Refined Sunflower Oil 15 L (Tin)1,549.00
Dhara Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil 1 L (Pouch)149
Fortune Sunlite Refined Sunflower Oil 5 L609
Safola Gold Multisource Blended Refined Edible Oil 5 L (Can) + 1 L Free (Pouch)885
Gulab Gold Filtered Groundnut Oil 15 kg3,059.00
Gulab Gold Filtered Groundnut Oil 15 kg3,009.00

Reliance Smart Point Offers July 2023

All the Reliance Smart Point grocery stores are live now. It’s becoming more popular day by day as it gave us the convenience of shopping in our nearby area.

These smart point stores are neighborhood stores, keeping all your daily & monthly grocery shopping products in one place.

Sr. No.Reliance Smart Point OffersRateMrp
1Brooke Bond Red Label Strong Blend Tea 1 kg490600
2Wagh Bakri Premium Leaf Tea 1 kg500570
3Tata Agni Strong Leaf Tea 1 kg199230
4Wagh Bakri Premium Leaf Tea 500 g230280
5Tata Tea Premium Desh Ki Chai 1 kg350500
6Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea 500 g385435
7Bournvita 1 kg360425
8Wagh Bakri Premium Leaf Tea 250 g132145
9Bournvita 750 g296365
10Society Tea 1 kg500570
11Nikunj Real Elaichi Tea, 1kg189300
12Tata Gold Leaf Tea 500 g225290
13Brooke Bond Red Label Natural Care Tea 250 g135155
14Brooke Bond Red Label Natural Care Tea 500 g265300
15Tata Agni Strong Leaf Tea 500 g104115
16Society Tea 250 g134145
17Nikunj Assam Tea, 1kg161220
18Society Tea 500 g265290
19Bournvita 75 g2730
20Amul Pro Whey Protein Drink 500 g140180
21Nescafe Classic Instant Coffee 50 g140165
22Bournvita 500 g209230
23Tata Gold Tea 250 g134145
24Nikunj Dhaba Special Leaf Tea, 1kg169275
25Women’s Horlicks Plus Caramel Drink Mix 400 g305355
26Horlicks Classic Malt 1 kg503559
27Kaffe Instant Blend Coffee 50 g (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)90
28Horlicks Chocolate Delight 1 kg389499
29BRU Instant Coffee 100 g209260
30BRU Green Label Filter Coffee Powder 500 g220240
32BRU Instant Coffee 50 g135150
33Nescafe Classic Instant Coffee 95 g310340
34Horlicks Classic Malt 500 g255275
35Aarambh Danedar Assam Tea 250 g75150
36Lipton Honey Lemon Green Tea Bags 1.4 g (25 pcs)158170
37Nescafe Classic Instant Coffee 48 g162175
39Nikunj Dhaba Special Leaf Tea, 1.5 kg Budget Pack229400
41Bournvita 1 kg399450
43Nescafe Sunrise Instant Coffee Powder 50 g106115
46PediaSure Chocolate Drink Powder 400 g (Carton)535655
47Lipton Pure & Light Green Tea 100 g144155
48Nescafe Classic Instant Coffee 24 g8087
49Horlicks Chocolate Delight 500 g205245
50Tata Agni Leaf Tea 1.5 kg285335
51Complan Royal Chocolate Powdered Drink 500 g274299
52Bournvita 200 g114123
53Complan Royale Chocolate Drink Powder 1 kg449569
54Red Label Leaf Tea 100 g5155
55Aarambh Danedar Assam Tea 500 g142285
57Nescafe Classic Instant Coffee Powder 190 g600660
58Cadbury Bournvita 1 Kg Pouch425
60PediaSure Vanilla Delight Drink Powder 400 g (Carton)470590
61Horlicks Classic Malt 1 kg516574
62Octavius KADAK MASALA Tea 1 kg Pack318450
63Horlicks Classic Malt 200 g124134
65Horlicks Lite Regular Malt 450 g304349
67Nescafe Classic Instant Coffee Powder 200 g604650
69Pediasure 7 Plus Chocolate Drink Powder 400 g520560
71Bournvita 500 g227245
72Cadbury Hot Chocolate 200 g150210
73Octavius KADAK Assam CTC Chai 1 Kg Pack279300
74Kaffe Pure Instant Coffee Powder 50 g105150
76Girnar Royal Cup Tea 250 g134145
77Society Tea 100 g5155
78Lipton Pure & Light Green Tea Bags 25 pcs158170
80Aarambh Green Tea Bags 25 pcs65170
83Ensure Vanilla Drink Powder 200 g409440
84Kaffe Instant Blend Instant Coffee Powder 50 g70100

What are the Latest Reliance Smart Cashback Offers?

As you know reliance smart stores offer cashback offers from various banks & financial institutes. For the month of July, they have released the offers list. check below-given list & make the most of it.

Reliance Smart Supermarket’s online shopping & home delivery services are the best option if you are not able to visit the store.

  1. 10% Instant Discount. Min. Txn Rs. 1000/- Max discount Up to Rs. 500/- on IndusInd Bank Credit Cards Txn’s.
  2. 10% Instant Discount. Min. Txn Rs. 2000/- Max discount Up to Rs. 300/- on AU Bank Cards Txn’s. Applicable on Grocery.
  3. Get flat 10% cashback up to Rs.150 on Min Order value of Rs.799 using Pay with Rewards.
  4. Get Cashback up to Rs.50 with Cred Pay UPI on Android. Min Txn Rs. 99.
  5. Get Rs 10-150 cashback on the first ever Cred Pay UPI transaction on Android. Min Txn Rs. 99.
  6. Get assured 5% Cashback up to Rs. 750 on your first  Simpl transaction on JioMart. Min Txn of Rs 499.

What are the latest Reliance Smart Online Shopping Offers?

Not able to visit the store? well, no issues, now you can shop online via using the online shopping app of Reliance Smart stores. This app is your friend whenever you need quick delivery in your city.

Reliance Grocery Store Offers

All the offers which are valid in retail stores are applicable to online shopping as well. Apart from the ongoing offers, there are some exclusive offers for online shopping as given below.

Reliance Smart Online Shopping Offers Today July 2023

Online Shopping Coupon Code;

Reliance SmartOnline Shopping Coupon Details
GROBUY10The Discount Coupon of 10% maximum upto Rs. 300.00 (Rupees Three Hundred Only) can be availed on a purchase of Eligible Products sold by Reliance with a minimum cart value of Rs. 2500.00 (Rupees Two Thousand Five Hundred Only); The Discount Coupon is redeemable only against the purchase of Eligible Products on JioMart; i.e. The Offer shall be valid on Grocery sold by Reliance on JioMart. This does not include products such as Bulk packs of Oils or Ghee, Baby Food and Baby Products, or any third-party seller product and any other item or product that may be identified by Reliance from time to time.
EARPHONES300Upon purchase of Eligible Products of Qualifying Value (defined below), the User shall be given the option to purchase Hammer Sting 3.0 Bluetooth Earphones at an instant discount of Rs. 00 (Rupees Three Hundred Only) off the selling price, within the Offer Period;
CURATE100A discount of a Maximum of Rs. 100 (Rupees One Hundred) can be availed on a purchase of Premium Fruits with a minimum cart value of Rs. 499 ( Rupees Four Hundred and Ninety-Nine only) on the order value of Premium Fruits.
JMFLAT100Upon purchase of Eligible Products (defined below) sold by Reliance with a minimum cart value of Rs. 600.00 (Rupees Six Hundred Only) the User shall be eligible to get an instant discount of Rs. 100.00 (Rupees One Hundred Only);
Umbrella150Upon purchase of Eligible Products (defined below) sold by Reliance with a minimum cart value of Rs. 499.00 (Rupees Four Hundred Ninety-Nine Only), the User shall be given the option to purchase Umbrella sold by Reliance worth Rs. 299.00 (Rupees Two Hundred Ninety-Nine Only) at a price of Rs. 149.00 (Rupees One Hundred Forty-Nine Only) (“Offer Product”) within the Offer Period;


What is Reliance Smart July Offer?

The offer list for July is shared in the above post, check details for cashback & grocery offers.

Is there any cashback offer running?

Yes, they are running a cashback through AU Bank & Indusind Bank.

What is Reliance Smart Point Online shopping app name?

Jiomart is the online shopping app name for Reliance Smart Point stores.

Is Reliance Smart home delivery free?

Yes, the minimum amount for free home delivery is Rs.250 only.


Today we share complete details about Reliance Smart Offers Today July 2023 topic. If you have any questions, you may comment here or catch us on our telegram channel for more details.