What is Reliance Smart Bazaar Opening Date?

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Smart Bazaar Opening Date?

Today we will give full information about what is the Smart Bazaar opening date? What is the reliance smart bazaar opening date in my city? How to check when Big Bazaar’s new store Reliance Smart bazaar will be open for customers?

These questing are arising in everyone’s mind. Whether you love to shop from Future Group’s Big Bazaar stores or Reliance Retail’s grocery store. The new concept from Reliance Industries limited will be rolled out in the city near your very soon.

Is any Reliance Smart Bazaar Open Today?

As per reports most of the big bazaar stores are closed. Few Big bazaar stores are operational for customers. But how to check if any new Reliance Smart Bazaar is open today or now? Once the smart bazaar opening date will be announced by Reliance Retails ltd. all the stores will function quickly.

Is Big Bazaar Smart Bazaar Matunga open today?

We have received news that the Big bazaar store which is now converted to Smart Bazaar in Matunga is open for customers. You can check the same whether this is true or now. follow the process to check the store status;-

Open Google & search for “big bazaar Matunga” now you will see the below screen on your laptop or mobile.


As you can see the store name has been changed from big bazaar to smart bazaar. I have searched for big bazaar but google shows Smart Bazaar. This means this store is operational.

Below is a review from the visitor you can check that also. As the image is given below.


As you can see the latest review from a visitor, which is 3 days back. Big Bazaar is closed & store is now run by reliance retaile Reliance Smart Bazaar.

How to find the Reliance Smart Bazaar opening date near my location?

As shown above you can run the same for finding the nearest Smart Bazaar stores opeing date & status. Once you search for “Smart Bazaar Near Me” in Google they will display results from the nearest location. If the name changes then the store may be operational. Smart Bazaar Opening Date will be mentioned in our next post, once we receive the list from their official statement.

Can I use my Profit club card in Reliance Smart Bazaar stores?

Once the official list is launched for the Smart Bazaar opeing date, more clarity will come for profit club card. Till now the customer care of big bazaar is assuring the customer that, profit club money is safe. The final statement will be released once all the stores are operational by Reliance Retail.

How the store launch will be done by Reliance for Smart Bazaar stores?

Smart Bazaar stores are ready to be launched very soon. They are working hard to launch the store. It’s been more than a month as the stores are closed for a long time. Very soon the stores will be launched. Once the store is ready to launch they will do media & marketing activity for the same.

What are the features that Smart Bazaar stores will have?

Future Groups Big Bazaar stores were running various promotional offers to its customers. Their offer was always accepted by customers. Be it big days sale or Wednesday bazaar sale. All the promo from the big bazaar was loved by the customers.

Smart Bazaar opening date near me?

If you find a smart bazaar store list you can read this post. We have given a list of stores. Now let’s discuss how to find a smart bazaar opening date near me? Once you have the list of Reliance Smart Bazaar stores. Copy the name from the list & paste it into google to search its latest status.

What is the official website of the New Big Bazaar stores?

The official website of Smart Bazaar Reliance stores has not been released yet. Once the website name will be released we will update you. Probably they will follow the process as they have followed for Reliance Fresh & Smart Points stores.


What is the Smart Bazaar opeing date in my city?

Check the status as suggested above in the process.

Can is use the profit club card in Reliance Stores?

Check with customer care for more details.

Conclusion;- Everyone wants to know the answer, What is Reliance Smart Bazaar Opening Date? We have given all the information about the same. If you still have any questions then comment below.