What is Reliance Campa Cola? Share Price, Distributorship & Price List

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Recently Reliance Retail has launched Reliance Campa Cola brands in the market. If you are looking for details about What is Reliance Campa Cola? What is its share price? & how to get Campa Cola Distributorship or franchise online? Today we share the latest news about Campa cola & information.

What is Reliance Campa Cola?

Campa cola is a brand of soft drinks in India. Since its introduction in the market in 1977 it has seen significant growth. It was the market leader in the Soft drink market for almost 15 years.

Campa Cola Details
Brand Name Campa Cola
Introduced 1977
Country on Origin India
Original OwnerPure Drinks Group
Brands Slogan“The Great Indian Taste”
Acquired By Reliance Retail Ltd. in 2022

Since its launch, it was a very popular soft drinks brand in India.

Reliance Retail Acquired Campa Cola

With the advent of international brands, the popularity of Champa Kola started to wane. By the time 2009 came, its entire business had come to an end. In 2022, reliance retail acquired the brand Campa Cola.

Reliance Campa Cola Details
Brand Name Campa Cola
Acquired in 2022
Country on Origin India
Current Owner Reliance Retail Ventures
Official Relaunch Date9th March 2023

Campa Cola New Latest Information

The latest Campa Cola news is that Mr. Mukesh Ambani Owner of Reliance Retail Limited has relaunched the brands officially. The relaunch of the soft drinks brands has given advancement to Reliance Retail in the soft drinks market where Pepsi & Coke are the dominant players.

Old Reliance Campa Ad

What is Reliance Campa Cola Share Price Today?

Reliance Retail is a very strong company, its principles, and values are very good. You can invest in the shares of Reliance Retail. What is the share price of Campa Cola today we look at the price & future prospects of the new brands.

Can I Invest in Reliance Campa Cola Share Price Today?

The answer is yes or not as well. Officially Reliance has various companies listed in the share market, but currently, Campa Cola is not listed in any share market. You can invest in the below given Reliance Retail listed companies;

S.NoShare Name/ Company NameBSE / NSE ID
2Reliance Petroleum(BSEId :532743 NSE Id :RPL ISIN Id :INE475H01011)
3Reliance Communications(BSEId :532712 NSE Id :RCOM ISIN Id :INE330H01018)
5Reliance Industries(BSEId :500325 NSE Id :RELIANCE ISIN Id :INE002A01018)
6Reliance Infrastructure(BSEId :500390 NSE Id :RELINFRA ISIN Id :INE036A01016)
7Reliance Home Finance(BSEId :540709 NSE Id :RHFL ISIN Id :INE217K01011)
8Reliance Power(BSEId :532939 NSE Id :RPOWER ISIN Id :INE614G01033)
9Reliance Natural Resources(BSEId :532709 NSE Id :RNRL ISIN Id :INE328H01012)
10Reliance Broadcast Network(BSEId :533143 NSE Id :RBN ISIN Id :INE445K01018)
11Reliance Industrial Infrastructure(BSEId :523445 NSE Id :RIIL ISIN Id :INE046A01015)
14Reliance MediaWorks(BSEId :532399 NSE Id :RELMEDIA ISIN Id :INE540B01015)
15Reliance Capital(BSEId :500111 NSE Id :RELCAPITAL ISIN Id :INE013A01015)
17Reliance Capital Ventures(BSEId :532703 NSE Id :RCAPVL ISIN Id :INE331H01016)
18Reliance Energy Ventures(BSEId :532704 NSE Id :RENVL ISIN Id :INE329H01010)

How to Contact Campa Cola Reliance?

What are the contact details & social media details of the new brands? What is the official website of the new brands?

These are the question that might arise in your mind since the relaunch had done by Reliance Retail ltd.

The official website of Reliance Campa Cola is https://campa-cola.in/

Recently Launched Flavoure by Campa Cola 2023 Today

  1. Campa Cola Cola Flavour,
  2. Campa Cola Lemon Flavour,
  3. Campa Orange Flavour,
  4. Campa Lime & Lemon Flavour,
  5. Campa Green Lemon,
  6. Campa Jeera Masala Flavour,

What is Campa Cola Price List PDF Today Details?

As the band is just launched by Reliance Retail, the price & product details are given below for your reference. Today we share the Campa Cola latest price list PDF for your reference.

Reliance Campa Cola Price Details
Campa Cola, 2 LRs.59
Campa Lemon, 2 LRs.59
Campa Orange, 2 LRs.59
Campa Lime & Lemon, 2 LRs.59
Campa Cola, 1 LRs.35
Campa Lemon, 1 LRs.35
Campa Orange, 1 LRs.35
Campa Lime & Lemon, 1 LRs.35
Campa Cola, 600 MLRs.28
Campa Lemon, 600 MLRs.28
Campa Orange, 600 MLRs.28
Campa Lime & Lemon, 600 MLRs.28
Campa Cola, 500 MLRs.18
Campa Lemon, 500 MLRs.18
Campa Orange, 500 MLRs.18
Campa Lime & Lemon, 500 MLRs.18
Campa Cola, 200 MLRs.9
Campa Lemon, 200 MLRs.9
Campa Orange, 200 MLRs.9
Campa Lime & Lemon, 200 MLRs.9

How to Get Campa Cola Distributorship Franchise?

As Reliance has officially launched the new soft drink brand “Campa Cola” in the market. If you are an existing franchise or distributor of any existing business you have various opportunities to be part of the Franchise or Distributor of the Campa Cola Reliance brands.

Below is the business through which you may get Campa Cola Distributorship or become a franchise or a business partner with Reliance Retail consumer products.

  1. Botelling Plant Franchise- This is best if you have an existing bottling plant or planning to set up a new one with Reliance Retail.
  2. Cold Storage Distributorship– Cold storage plays a major role in any soft drink or cold drink business. It may be a golden opportunity if you get a franchise of the Reliance Cola brand.
  3. Lease or rent your property- To Setup & run smooth operations for the brand they required various properties where they may set up their offices or retail branches. If you own any property you may contact the officials.

What are the main documents to apply online & become a franchise?

Prior to applying for the franchise online, you must check the main documents which they required. These documents are the important documents required to be associated with any type of franchise & distributorship business.

  1. Aadhar Card,
  2. Identity proof like the pan card,
  3.  Residential certificate,
  4.  GST number is mandatory,
  5. A trade license is mandatory,
  6. Contact Number or Mobile Number,
  7. Passport Size photographs,

How to Apply Online?

Once you have made up your mind for becoming a Campa cola Franchise for the distributorship you can read on. Read the above main documents which they required for a franchise business partner.

Please note officially they have not launched any specified program for the Cola brand, follow the below process which is associated with their Jio network.

  1. Visit the official website by Clicking Here.
  2. Click on the “I am interested” button.
  3. Fill in all your personal details such as Name, Firm Name, Email, Address, City, Pincode, and Mobile Number.
  4. Verify the captcha.
  5. Click on Submit button
  6. You will be displayed “Your lead created successfully”.

You have successfully submitted your entry.

Where can I buy Campa Cola?

Reliance has various retail grocery stores format. You can buy the products from their retail grocery store e.g. Reliance Smart Point, Reliance Smart Bazaar, Smart Fresh, or through Jiomart online shopping.


Who was the owner of Campa Cola in 2023?

Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Retail Ltd. is the present owner of the Campa Cola brand in 2023.

Is Campa Cola coming back?

Yes, Reliance Retail launched 3 flavors of the brands on 9th March 2023.

What is the price of Campa Cola?

The price for 200 ML is Rs. 10, Rs. 20 for 500 ML, Rs. 30 for 600 ML, Rs. 40 for 1 L & Rs. 80 for 2 L respectively.

What is Campa Cola’s official website?

The official website is; https://campa-cola.in/

Final Words: Reliance Retail has done aggressive acquisitions in a couple of years be it Smart Bazaar or Campa Cola. They are betting high to dominate the Retail market in India. With the latest launch of the cola brand, they are directly heading for completion with Coca-Cola & Pepsi.