Can I Use Big Bazaar Voucher in Reliance Smart bazaar?

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Can I Use Big Bazaar Voucher in Reliance Smart bazaar?

How to use big bazaar vouchers? can we use the big bazaar voucher in Reliance Smart Bazaar? if you are searching for these questions then you are in right place. We will give full information about the same.

What are Big Bazaar Vouchers?

If you are familiar with Big Bazaar then you must know what are big bazaar vouchers. These are prepaid vouchers that one received after paying an equal amount to the Future Group store of Big Bazaar stores.

These vouchers were redeemable at any of the Big Bazaar stores in the country. Now people are left with the vouchers are big bazaar stores are now closed. They are not able to use the vouchers.

Voucher DenominationVoucher Value

In many cases, these vouchers were gifted to the employee of various companies during the festive season.

How did People use to Redeem the Big Bazaar Gift Voucher?

Earlier people were using the Big Bazaar gift card as a mode of payment and purchasing the items from Big Bazaar Stores. People were using the voucher either by visiting the store or using an online big bazaar shopping app.

Type of Big Bazaar Vouchers;-

1- Big Bazaar e gift voucher – This is the Big Bazaar e gift card for online and offline use means e gift cards or vouchers are the ones which you can use online shopping and for in-store shopping.

2- Physical Big Bazaar gift card – This is the physical card that you can use for shopping in-store. You just need to present the Gift card physically to the cashier at the time of billing.

Why Big Bazaar stores are closed?

Most of the Big Bazaar stores in India are closed. As Reliance has acquired the stores & open new store by the name of “Smart Bazaar”. These new stores of reliance retail are not accepting the big bazaar voucher. Customers are left with no option to use the voucher.

What is Reliance Smart Bazaar?

Reliance Smart Bazaar stores are owned by Reliance Retails. These grocery stores are in the place of Big Bazaar stores. These new stores of reliance are still not fully operational. Only a few grocery products are sold by the new stores.

Can I Use Big Bazaar Voucher in Reliance Smart bazaar?

Since these new stores are owned by Reliance retail, not future group, so they don’t accept the big bazaar vouchers. The customer care executive of Reliance Smart bazaar denied accepting the vouchers.

So where we can redeem the Big Bazaar vouchers?

These vouchers can be redeemed at the Big Bazaar stores only. As per the reports, there are approx 30 stores left with a big bazaar. You can visit these stores & redeem the big bazaar vouches at these stores.


What is Big Bazaar Customer care number?

1800 2662 25 is the customer care number?

Can I use Big Bazaar Vouchers online?

No, you can’t use it as the website is not working.

Conclusion;- Can I Use Big Bazaar Voucher in Reliance Smart bazaar? this question comes to mind when you have your hard-earned money stuck. As of now, you need to visit the Big bazaar store & redeem the voucher before all the stock goes out of the shelves.