Top 10 Online Medicine Home Delivery app Like Reliance Pharmacy

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Top 10 Online Medicine Home Delivery app Like Reliance Pharmacy

Reliance pharmacy is a recently launched service by Reliance Retail which provides online medicine home delivery from its smart point stores. Their pharmacy service is giving life to many of the required people in India. But due to restrictions by local administration Reliance pharmacy service may not be operational in your area. Today we will discuss the top 10 Online Medicine Home Delivery app Like Reliance Pharmacy so you can order medicine online easily.

Online Medicine Home Delivery Business in India-

As grocery is an essential part of one’s daily life, so is medicine for others. Ordering pharmacy products from your home was never so easy. A few years ago no one ever thought ordering pharmacy products online, or consulting a Doctor online was possible. The health industry is growing faster than the expectation. Reports show that healthcare marketing size is estimated at around 50 billion USD in 2021. With the Internet reached Village & local town, Online shopping has been easy of life. Now pharmacy business has reached to villages of India.

Now one can order pharmacy products online via app or website without standing in long queues at Medical store. Just upload the prescription through your mobile phone & get all the required medicines delivered at your doorstep easily.

Benefits of Online Medicine Home Delivery app for Pharmacy Company-
The basic & important benefits of online pharmacy are given below;

  • Provide best quality service
  • Storng Online presence
  • Serve cusotmer without geographical restrictions
  • Manage inventory easily

Online Pharmacy benefits for customers

  • Order pharmacy products easily
  • Get medicines at discount rates
  • Free medical consultacny
  • Buy cheap generic medicines online

Top 10 Online Medicine Home Delivery app Like Reliance Pharmacy

1-Pharmeasy Online
This app offers a flawless user experience when it comes to online pharmacy shopping for medicines. Upload a picture of the Doctor’s prescription & you are done. Additionally, this app can suggest to your what when to take the medicines. This app is one of the best online medicine home delivery app.

Upto 20% discount if offered on your online pharmacy products shopping. This app can be your friend in online medicines home delivery, as saving on your medicines home delivery shopping.

2-Medline Online
This app helps you to get the details of your medicine from their experts. They ensure quality pharmacy products are delivered to your doorstep.

Apart from online medicines they also serve health supplements, sanitizers, mask & nutrition products to it’s customers.

With 1mg while your order online medicines they assist you in getting consultancy from leading doctors. Their online medicine shopping app can suggest you alternate your medicines so you can save more.

Apart from online pharmcy products they have wide range homepathy products as well. They are serving more than 1300 town & cities in Indian states.

Netmeds is a reputed brand in Online pharmacy shopping. Their simple user interface ensures that you complete your online order without any hassle. More than 20% flat discount is what customer love to shop for online medicines from their home delivery shopping app.
Their app has received the highest positive feedback on the Google Play store.

Medplusmart offers a wide range of healthcare & wellness products at very cheap rates. You can easily check your buying patterns from their app for all your medicines.
Detailed information about your medicines is given when your search for a particular product such as dosage, features, how to use & side effects as well.

6-Tata Pharmacy App
Tata is the most trusted brand in the healthcare sector their app provides the same experience. You can receive your home delivery without 48 hours once your order is confirmed on the app. Discount on every shopping is the main benefit when we use this online pharmacy shopping app for online medicines.

7-Apollo Pharmacy app
Scheduling home visits apart from online pharmacy is their main feature. Maintaining a digital record of your health reports is easily done with this app once you’re registered with them.

8-Practo App
Practo app is known for its quick home delivery service for online pharmacy products. This app ensures that all your medical-related queries are solved with experienced doctors online.
Being the most trusted brands in the online medicines home delivery sector they offer more than 50000 medicines & adding more always.

Brownpacket has done exclusive partnership with local pharmacies so you receive the delivery quickly. Their pharmacy service is available in a limited area of Delhi, Patna, & Bengaluru area only.
They offer up to 22% discount on your pharmacy products.

Care wallet is an exclusive service offered by Hey care to its customers. Care Wallel users can get up to 30% discount on their healthcare & pharmacy products.
with 48 hours delivery, they are a must-have online pharmacy shopping app for everyone.


Online medicine home delivery business is growing as people are becoming more conscious about their health.

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