What is Jio Smart Point? Full Details Store List, News & Updates

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Reliance has launched many Jio Smart point stores in the last year. Their Jio smart point stores are taking the reliance on the retail business to new heights, as they are providing all the reliance products under one roof. In the last year, Reliance Industries has performed well in all its business aspects.

Their new baby is Jio Smart Point. They will sell grocery, pharmacy, fashion, electronics & telecom products from these stores.

What is Jio Smart Point?

Smart point stores are a one-stop destination for all your Reliance brands shopping. Their tagline says itself, “Bade Dukan ki Badi Bachat ab pados mein” (Big Saving of Big Supermarkets, now near you) for customers.

As per their official website statement, all the Jio-point stores, or Reliance smart points stores will serve their online order through these delivery points.

What is the Jio Smart Point Store Concept?

Retail stores of Jio are primarily delivery points of JioMart.com, home delivery of online orders is served from the Smart-point store of Jio. Grocery, Fashion and pharmacy products are their main products.

Customers place online orders through Jio’s Smart Point online shopping app & get doorstep delivery from these stores.

Another part of Smart Point stores customer walk-ins. Rather than just working as a fulfilment centre or a warehouse, they allow customers entry to their retail shop & serve them. Offering Grocery and pharmacy products from their retail shop & providing home delivery of Fashion products through their online service kiosk feature.

As per the reliance retail website, these small-format neighbourhood stores will also serve the new commerce order placed by the local Kirana store. B2B services for local Kirana stores are active in the smart point stores.

Products and services offered by Jio Smart Point

In recent times people have tasted online shopping & home delivery experience, and now they tend to continue this experience. The major challenge faced by online platforms is late delivery time. As most of these e-commerce company operates from a central warehouse, their order delivery time leads to 2-3 days.

Jio Smart Points will fill this gap by providing same-day delivery or an in-store pickup facility.

Their stores are fully equipped to provide home delivery services to their customer base. They have a dedicated delivery point from where they serve the online orders received on the JioMart website. Below is the list of products & services offered by Reliance Jio’s Smart Point;-

  • Food & Grocery Products
  • FMCG, F&V and Dairy products
  • Netmeds Pharmacy, Medicines below MRP, all year round
  • Jio Payment Bank, Banking services with extended hours
  • Health Care / Pathology Services/ Pharmacy products
  • Fashion / Electronics (through Kiosk)
  • Battery Swap Station for Electric Vehicles

FAQ about Jio’s Smart Point Stores;-

Q- Is Reliance Smart and JioMart the Same?

Ans- Reliance Smart is the name of the Supermarket stores of Reliance Retail, JioMart is the online shopping platform for Reliance Retail Ltd.

Q- Is JioMart and SmartPoint the same?

Ans- Jiomart is an online shopping platform, the smart point is the fulfilment centre & which provides last-mile delivery for all the Jiomart online orders.

Q- Are Jio Smart Point & Reliance Smart Point the same?

Ans- Yes, both are the same.

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