What is Reliance One Balance Check Number? What is Reliance Points Check Number?

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What is Reliance One Balance Check Number?

Today we will give complete information about what is Reliance One Balance Check Number. How to check the Reliance One card balance from mobile quickly? How to redeem Rone (Reliance One) points in Reliance stores?

What is Reliance One Point Card?

09212999888 is the Reliance One Rone Point card balance check number.

Reliance One loyalty card is offered by Reliance Retail Ltd. You can always save more with a Reliance One card while shopping from Reliance retail stores. Now Reliance One card can be used for Smart Bazaar stores. Recently Reliance has launched a new store called Smart Bazaar Reliance stores. Smart point customers.

Reliance One Point Card

Get additional benefits & exclusive grocery shopping offers from a Reliance card.

This card helps you to save more from all the listed Reliance Retail stores. There are more than 1500 stores where you can use the Reliance One loyalty card & enjoy these shopping benefits.

How to get a Reliance One Card?

Getting reliance on one card is very simple. You are eligible for this card while shopping from any of the Reliance retail stores. Earlier they were issuing a Physical card, but now your mobile number itself your Reliance One card.

Always give our mobile number during the shopping to avail the loyalty benefits.

Reliance Point Number
Reliance One Highlited in Store

Please note there is no physical card, Your mobile number is your Reliance One point card.

What is the Reliance card points value?

You earn points for your spending at participating Reliance Retail stores. RelianceOne points do not expire & can be redeemed at any partner store at 70 paise per point.

1 point of a Reliance card is equal to Rs.0.70 paisa. 70 Paisa is equal to 1 point.

What is the Reliance One card Point system?

As this card is a Loyalty card, you earn points on shopping from Reliance stores. While doing the shopping from the group stores there are different types of point tables for each product type.

Below is the store’s list where you can use the card for points & redeem the card.

reliance one card store list
  • Reliance Fresh
  • Reliance Smart
  • Reliancesmart.in
  • Reliance Trends
  • Reliance Footprint
  • Reliance Jewels
  • Vision Express
  • Vimal
  • Smart Bazaar
  • JioMart.com
  • Smart Point
  • Reliance Pharmacy store
  • Ajio.com

Reliance card Point system on the shopping

Below is the point table for the card. You get the shopping points from the different retail stores.

How many points on Reliance Grocery?

Store FormatStore NameReward Points
GROCERIESReliance Fresh, Reliance Smart, Smart Point, Smart Bazaar, JioMartEARN 1 POINT FOR EVERY RS.200 SPENT IN ALL CATEGORIES

How many points do I earn on Reliance Apparel/ Lifestyle products?

Store FormatStore NameReward Points
LIFESTYLEReliance Trends, Reliance Footprint, Only Vimal, PlaylessEARN 1 POINT FOR EVERY RS.100 SPENT IN ALL CATEGORIES

How many points are on Reliance Electronics products?

Store FormatStore BrandReward Points

How many points do I earn on Jewellery shopping?

Store FormatStore NameReward Points on Jewellery

How many points on Vision eyewear?

Store FormatStore NameReward Points

What are the benefits of the loyalty card?

Reliance has a strong presence across the nation & various retail outlets are there. It’s always beneficial to shop from Reliance retail stores & redeem the shopping points easily. Below are the details of the benefits that you get as a reliance customer.

  • Avail of a variety of exclusive discounts and offers on your favourite brands and products
  • Receive SMS and email alerts with special festive offers.
  • Earn points on every purchase
  • Redeem Loyalty Points against transactions
  • Monthly Account Statements and Email Updates.
  • Use your RelianceOne Card as a Pre-paid card.

What is Reliance One Balance Check Number?

How to check the balance of your Reliance One card? You can easily check the balance of the card from your mobile number quickly. There are various ways in which you can check the balance of your Reliance 1 card.

How to check reliance points easily? How to check reliance one point?

Check the balance of the Reliance One card as detailed below. These are the ways from which you can check the balance quickly.

  • 1 Check balance from Mobile through missed call
  • 2 Check the balance through SMS
  • 3 Check the balance from the official website
  • 4 Check balance via mobile app

How can I Check the Balance from Mobile for Reliance points?

You can easily check the balance from your mobile by calling the Reliance One balance check number. Give a missed call to 09212999888

What is the number for checking the RelainceOne points?

As given above just give a missed call on the number 09212999888. Once you do, your balance will be shown in an SMS.

How to check the Reliance One-point card balance through SMS?

You can check the balance through the SMS. Just SMS RONE to 09212999888 from your registered mobile number.

Reliance Point Mobile Number

How to check the points from the website?

Log in to the official website & check the balance online. Their official website provides all the details related to your R1 loyalty card smartly.

What are Reliance One, ROne Reliance 1 Customer care details?

The details of customer care are given in this post. Contact customer care for any type of complaints & concerns. If you have any difficulty with the reliance membership card contact them. Its customer service is available 24*7 for its valuable customers.

NameReliance One Points card
Official Websitehttps://relianceone.net/
Contact Number 1800-102-7382 (Airtel)
Customer Care Number022-40176400 (STD charges apply)
Email Address[email protected]
Address of Head OfficeRelianceOne Team,
Reliance Corporate Park,
Building 3A, 2nd Floor,
Thane-Belapur Road,
Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai – 400701
Details about reliance one point

How Can I Redeem Reliance Smart Points?

Once you have checked your balance, now you can easily redeem the point on your shopping. These loyalty rewards points are easily redeemable at any of the Reliance Fretail format stores.

To redeem the Reliance One loyalty points just follow the below-given process.

  • 1- During the billing process ask the cashier that redeem my Reliance points in this bill.
  • 2- Check your current balance on your Reliance One card by just giving a missed call at 9212999888.
  • 3- You receive the current balance & OTP for the transaction.
  • 4- Show the OTP to the cashier & ask for the redemption amount.
  • 5- Now the cashier will redeem your reliance points in your billing.

Where can I redeem my Reliance Points?

The Reliance One loyalty card is accepted at all the Reliance Retail format stores. So you may redeem the balance at any store.

Below is the list of stores where you can redeem your reliance point.

Store NameRelaince Point Accepted
Fresh SignatureYes
Reliance SmartYes
Relaince Smart BazaarYes
Smart SuperstoreYes
Reliance Smart PointYes
Reliance DigitalYes
JioMart DigitalYes
Jio StoreYes
Reliance TrendsYes
Reliance JewelsYes
Fashion FactoryYes
Reliance BrandsYes
Reliance MallYes

Can I use the Reliance point card in Reliance Smart Bazaar stores?

Reliance smart bazaar stores are recently launched by the group. People are asking if can they use the reliance card in Smart Bazaar Big Bazaar reliance stores. Yes, you can use your loyalty card of reliance in the new stores. As these stores are using a billing system of reliance you can use the services at the stores.

What is Reliance Trends’ reward points check number?

How to check relaince trend points from mobile? Relaince Trends is a widely spread fashion apparel store in India. People love fashion apparel from trend stores. As the Big Bazaar & Fbb stores are closed, people are now searching for Relaince Trends stores.

09212999888 is the Reliance Trends rewards points check number.

What is the validity of these points?

The points are valid for a lifetime. You can redeem these points in any of the group retail stores or online. Always give your registered mobile number during the shopping.


What is the validity of these points?

These points are valid for a lifetime.

Is there a different card for Reliance Trends & Relaince Smart?

No, you can use the same card for all the Reliance retail stores.

Can I use Relaince One card in Smart Bazaar Big Bazaar Reliance stores?

Yes, you can use the point card in Smart Bazaar reliance big bazaar stores.

How to Increase Reliance One Balance?

Always provide your card or mobile number during billing.

Conclusion;- We have given information about the Reliance One Balance Check Number. Follow the process for how to check the Reliance points of the loyalty card. ROne point card is one of the best loyalty cards in India. Best shopping & great deals are always offered by Reliance Group stores.