What is Reliance Puric InstaSafe? Full Review, Wikipedia, Price Range

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What is Reliance Puric InstaSafe? Full Review, Wikipedia, Price Range

Reliance has launched the Puric InstaSafe products range in August 2021. Puric InstaSafe is a range of Home Disinfectants & personal range products. Today we will discuss the product range and price range. Where to buy these products online?

As Reliance continues to grow its footprint in grocery shopping & online e-commerce businesses. Either Reliance Smart Point or JioMart online, is growing rapidly. InstaSafe products are the next step they have taken towards reaching new business heights.

What s Puric InstaSafe company details?

Since the challenging situation of Covid has changed everyone’s lives. Now people are more curious about their health & safety condition. Consumption of Hygiene & health products has seen rapid growth, Specially in small-town & cities. Recently Reliance Pharmacy products were launched to cater to the need of people in smart point stores.

The tagline of InstaSAfe is “Sirf Saaf-Safai Nahin SAFE- SAFAI”. As the tagline itself explains that the main focus of these products is cleaning safely. The main point here is the slogan is in Hindi, which means to target Indian consumers who have made this products. Moreover, they will push made-in-India products from these taglines.

How to Contact Puric InstaSafe?

The best way to get in touch with the brands is to contact them directly through their various communication channel. Below are the details of their social media pages.

Facebook Page;-


YouTube Channel;-


Instagram Page;-


Customer Care Details of Insta PureSafe;-

Below is the contact number for reaching them for any kind of suggestion & feedback.

Customer Care Number: 1800 891 0001 / 1800 102 7382

What are Puric Insta Safe Wikipedia Details?

The Wikipedia page of Puric Insta Safe is given below. Full details bout the Insta Safe brand & products are given here;-

NamePuric InstaSafe
Parent CompanyReliance Retail Ltd.
Launch DateAug-21
Products TypeHygiene & Disinfectant Products
Product RangeSoaps, Hand Wash, Hand Sanitizer 
Website https://relianceretail.com/puric.html
Online Shopping Websitehttps://www.jiomart.com/
Offline StoresReliance Retail Stores

How to Get Puric InstaSafe Franchise or Become Business Partner?

This is a new brand by Reliance retail ltd. & they are seeking franchise business partners for their new brand. If you are seeking to start a great partnership with Reliance Retail Ltd, so start it with Insta Brands.

How to Join the partnership with Reliance Brands Puric?

This is very simple, follow the processes suggest below. As of now, they haven’t shared any requirements for becoming a franchise. You are suggested to read how to become a smart point franchise. This will give you insights into the reliance franchise program requirements.


Call on the above number as shown on the website.

How to Find Puric InstaSafe Product List?

Puric InstaSafe products are now available in the modern trade & general trade markets. You can easily find the product in Reliance Retail stores; Reliance Smart, Reliance Fresh, Reliance Smart Point & Jiomart Online as well.

Below is the range of currently available products from Reliance InstaSafe Puric;-

Product TypeProduct Detail
SoapsPuric InstaSafe Germ Protection Neem & Turmeric
SoapsPuric InstaSafe Germ Protection Active Camphor
SoapsPuric InstaSafe Neem & Turmeric Germ Protection Soap
Hand SanitizerPuric InstaSafe Camphor & Citrus Hygiene Hand Sanitizer 50 ml
HandwashPuric InstaSafe Camphor & Neem Germ Protection
HandwashPuric InstaSafe Camphor & Neem Germ Protection Handwash 750 ml (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)
HandwashPuric InstaSafe Camphor & Neem Germ Protection
Hand SanitizerPuric InstaSafe Camphor & Citrus Hygiene Hand Sanitizer
Shower GelPuric InstaSafe Hygiene Camphor & Neem Shower Gel
HandwashPuric Instasafe Germ Protection Aloe & Turmeric Hand Wash 250
HandwashPuric Insta Safe Aloe & Turmeric Germ Protection Hand
Disinfectant SprayPuric Camphor & Citrus Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Spray 200
Disinfectant SprayPuric Active Lime Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Liquid 250
Disinfectant SprayPuric Active Lime Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Liquid 500

How to Find Puric Insta Safe Product Price List Online?

As per the above list of products, let’s discuss how you can find the Puric InstaSafe products price list online. The newly launched products are available for online shopping & home delivery. Follow the process to find the products from the online grocery shopping platform Jiomart.

  • Step1- Open the Jiomart shopping website
  • Step 2- Search “Puric InstaSafe” in the search bar
  • Step 3- Now you will see a list of products

Above is the screen-short from the Jiomart website. You will see a list of products with Mrp & offer price. Just add the products of your choice to your cart & complete your shopping.

Puric Insta Safe Soap Review?

The review of Puric Insta Safe Soap is given here.

Name of Products:- Puric Instasafe Germ Protection Neem & Turmeric Soap 125 g

MRP of the Products;- Rs. 50.00

Product Description;-

Get soft and glowing skin with Puric InstaSafe Germ Protection Neem & Turmeric Soap. It hydrates the skin. Gives it a nourishing touch. Infused with a scent that gives you all-day-long freshness and the right nourishment to the skin. So what are you waiting for? Buy the product at the best rate, right here!

Benefits of the products:
• Gives Instant action against illness-causing germs and viruses.

Why Reliance has introduced the Puric brand?

Personal hygiene products are part of the product line under this new brand. As people are becoming more conscious about their health & fitness. Personally hygiene & disinfectant products demand is growing especially online.

By launching this healthcare brand the main motive is to cater to the online marketplace. Jiomart is growing & has reached new heights since its launch. During the launch, only grocery products were launched on the platform. Later on, they introduced Fashion products on the Jiomart platform. Now they have Grocery, Fashion, Electronics, Jewellery, Beauty, Home & Kitchen products.


What is Puric Insta Safe soap price in India?

The price of Puric Insta Safe germ protection neem & turmeric 125 g soap is Rs.50 only.

What is Puric Insta Safe’s company name?

Reliance Retail is the parent company of the Puric Insta Safe.

What is Puric Insta Safe’s contact number?

The customer care number is 1800891001

Can we purchase these products online?

Yes, through the Jiomart website, you can buy products online.

Conclusion;- Since the launch of the Jiomart platform, it’s grown rapidly in the grocery shopping market. Reliance Puric InstaSafe it’s own brand now getting accepted by customers. If you have used these products, kindly share your feedback in the comment box below.

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