What Is The Difference Between Reliance Fresh and Reliance Smart Point?

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What Is The Difference Between Reliance Fresh and Reliance Smart Point

Reliance Fresh stores are small-format stores ranging from 500-1000 sq. ft area, whereas Reliance Smart Point stores are bigger in size. Now Reliance smart point stores are becoming more popular amongst customers due to their product range. Let’s discuss in detail their difference;

Concept of Reliance Fresh Stores;

In 2006 the Reliance Fresh stores were launched, the concept was to be popular neighborhood grocery stores only. They were capturing the neighborhood area only. Fresh vegetables & Fruits were the main key products.

Journey From Reliance Smart Fresh to Reliance Smart Point stores;

The Difference Between Reliance Fresh and Reliance Smart Point which we see today is a long journey. The fresh store sells Vegetables, Fruits, Milk & dairy products as their key products. As most of their products were low-shelf life products & they have to sell them on the same day, or dumb the perishable items.

If the products don’t sell on the same day, they have to dump the product which leads to margin losses. Reliance Fresh was selling majorly low-margin products & an increase in the dump was hitting the store’s profitability as well.

To overcome the above situation they have launched a new concept ” Reliance Smart Point“. All the learning from fresh stores they have designed the product line for the smart point store.

Product & Features Difference Between Reliance Fresh and Reliance Smart Point

As said above about Fresh stores, now all the smart point stores are big in size approx 1200-3000 sq. feet. Their product range starts from Grocery products to General merchandise products & Home Furnishing products as well. Their product mix enhances their marinas compare with Fresh stores.

The success of smart point stores has encouraged them to start a new product line for Pharmacy products in their portfolio.

Pharmacy Products @ Reliance Smart Point stores; Medical & surgical products are the main attraction for smart point stores. Their unique product assortment will surely help them stand out from the competition in the retail business.

As none of the organized retailers has opted for this concept yet, their strong presence through Netmeds is helping them with the home delivery of medical products.

Difference Between Reliance Smart and Reliance Fresh

Recently we have shared completed differences between Reliance Smart, Smart Super Store & Smart Bazaar. Here we are sharing the difference between Reliance Smart & Reliance Fresh.

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Reliance Fresh Area: It’s operated between 4K to 9K Sqft area Reliance Smart stores are bigger stores with 9K to 60K Sqft area.
Fresh stores are neighborhood stores located in apartments or housing society areas.Relaince Smart stores are hyper stores located in malls & standalone buildings.
The Main Product category is fresh products, Fruits & Vegetables, Dairy products & milk products. Smart stores have a wide range from Staples, Fruits & Vegetables, Milk Products, Home Care Products, Personal Care Products, Fashion apparel, Kitchen items & Electronics products as well.
reliance fresh vs Reliance smart

Self Pickup @ Smart Point;

The Difference Between Reliance Fresh and Reliance Smart Point Sites. The delivery point which is integrated with smart point stores has a dedicated self-pick feature, through which consumer can pick up their order from the store.

The grocery business has seen a boom in the last few months, all organized retailer has come across this business. Going one step ahead s being the market leader in retail business reliance has started self-pick from their grocery store.

Shop Online and get home delivery from a smart store;

Nowadays people love to shop online from the comfort of their time & place. The online-to-offline concept which is gaining acceptance from tier 2 & tier cities is boosting their grocery business. Consumers order online from the Reliance smart point online shopping app & have the option to receive home from their offline store at their home.

The Super App for Home Delivery;

Be it Fashion apparel or jewelry products, their online shopping app has everything to deliver to your home. Smart Point online shopping app is the first kind of app that delivers all the said products to your home.

You can order Fashion apparel & footwear products for your fashion needs. Ordering jewelry products along with your daily grocery items were not possible without their online shopping app.

This product mix has gained momentum & will give an additional market share in the online eCommerce business & break the monopoly of giant players like Amazon & Flipkart as well.

Final words on the Difference Between Reliance Fresh and Reliance Smart point

The end-user will get benefit from the Difference Between Reliance Fresh and Reliance Smart Point as per their needs. Smart point stores in a tier 3 city are a lifeline for the neighborhood area. Whereas a reliance fresh store in a society area fulfills the daily & morning needs for the society members.

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