Grocery Delivery App Development Cost in India Like Smart Point Online

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Grocery Delivery App Development Cost in India Like Smart Point Online?

In the last few months, we have seen increasing trends in online grocery shopping. We can have a breath of relief when we have a good grocery shopping app like smart point online. Let’s discuss how much it cost for grocery delivery app development in India like Reliance Smart online?

As internet data pack & technolgoy becoming accisble to tier 2 & tier cities in India. Mobile apps are set to rise by more that 70%. Grocery shopping is expected to see a increase of 50% in coming years in India. Now people from town & villages in India has started accepting the online shopping & e-commerce company started the service as well.

Current scenario of Onilne Grocery Delivery Business;

In recent times online grocer shopping is trending. Still, in some cases, people prefer visiting grocery stores & buying grocery items they required for daily needs. Online grocery shopping is on-demand these days. Grocery delivery apps are increasing like anything. From doorstep delivery to in-store delivery, it’s everywhere. Be it food & vegetable delivery or meat & chicken delivery near me app, it’s rising rapidly. Below is the more reason for the online grocery delivery app.

Grocery stores are always overcrowded place especially during weekends & holiday period. Working professionals & housewives prefer a hassle-free online shopping experience through an online grocery shopping app. People don’t want to spend their quality time waiting at long queues & paying for parking fees.

As described earlier how to save money while shopping from reliance smart point store. Many times you may ends up buying unwated items out of temptation which is another reason for your rising monthly grocer bills.

Why online grocery shopping business is growing?

The online grocery app business growth in recent times. You can also benefit by developing a grocery shopping app for your grocery store. Online presence for any business is a vital feature of any business, especially the grocery business. Developing a grocery app for your business will give an additional boost to your existing business. Nowadays people prefer to stay at home & order groceries as per their convenience of time & products. The main feature of the online grocery app which I personally like is seeing all the available stock online with price & offer.

Developing an app for your grocery store is a perfect opportunity for you. Reliance smart online app has recently been launched. By launching a grocery app for your business will give additional benefits for your business. Apart from gaining exposure to online business below are the key feature of going online for your grocery store in India.

  1. Increase convenience for your customers
  2. Enhance your customers loyalty
  3. Inventory management & order management
  4. Brand building through online presense
  5. Enhance your reach
  6. Analyze your customers shopping pattern
  7. Receive order while you rest

How the online grocery app business model works?

The online grocery app business is very simple. The customer either has to download the app or they can order from the website. Once completed the basic process you receive the order from the customer.

Basic features of Grocery shopping app;

  • The app offers a free pickup option or doorstep delivery.
  • Delivery fee is less as compare to visiting the store.
  • App delivery works 365 days & 24*7.
  • Cashback & loyalty benefits.

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Must have features for a grocery app like Reliance Smart Online

  • Smart search option
  • Product listing
  • Easily signup process
  • Cashback & Offers
  • Doorstep & Instore delivery option
  • Delivery tracking option
  • Reorder & Quick order option
  • Push notification feature
  • Various payment options
  • Feedback & reviews

Grocery Delivery App Development Cost in India Like Smart Point Online?

The cost of developing a grocery app may vary based on the features/services. Creating a fully functioned grocery delivery app is a complex process technically. The final cost is evaluated determining the feature of the app nature and other function described below:

  1. Overall app design
  2. Mobile app platform
  3. Feature & function
  4. Application size
  5. The cart feature

Grocery Delivery App Development Cost in India?

For a fully functional app, which has basic features for the android version cost involves as below;

  1. UI/UX Design cost- 30K-40K
  2. Technological documentation cost-20K-30K
  3. Backend & Frontend Development cost-30K-40K
  4. Testing & QA cost-20K-40K

A basic feature grocery app with an android version may cost 1 Lakh to 2 Lakh in India. this cost may increase or decrease depending upon the quality & feature of the grocery app.

Cost of making grocery app in India;

Cost of making grocery app in India for android version will cost minimum 1 Lakh rupees. This cost of making a grocery delivery application in India may be limited to the feature & function you add in your grocery shopping app like Reliance smart online. A fully and advance grocery shopping app like Reliance Smart point, D’mart, Big Bazaar, or Amazon & Flipkart may cost you more lakhs of rupees.

Final words;

The final words about Grocery Delivery App Development Cost in India are whether you own a small Kirana store or own a mini supermarket, going online should be your next move. The cost of grocery app in India may vary from city to city, but when you have the basic idea & have a hands-on existing app like reliance smart online you can be on top.

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